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Crate 'O Butter

The Crate contains 3 of our beautiful Shea Body Butter. A total of 12 ounces of our rich, creamy, all-over body moisturizer formulated with the very finest natural and organic oils and butter. This beautiful butter is easily absorbed into the skin, instantly hydrating and nourishing the skin leaving it smooth and supple. An absolute must for healthy skin! Perfect for people with dry and sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and for healthy skin that wants to stay that way.

Crate O' Bombs

5 Big Beautiful Bath Bombs filled with all the stuff to make your bath time a truly spa-terrific experience. Your bath will be filled with sublime fragrance, botanicals, oils, salts, clays, milks and minerals making your skin brand new and your spirit relaxed and renewed.

Small Crate O' Clays

Contains 2 Of Our Beautiful Clay Soap Bars each weighing in at over 8 ounces! Also, (1) 2oz jar of our Pure Shea Body Butter, and a pocket sized Body Mist. Scents will vary from month to month for each product included in the crate.

SheaWoman Essentials

This marvelous crate contains 2 Of Our Beautiful Clay Soap Bars each weighing in at over 8 ounces!, a 4 oz Jar of our Ivory Shea Body Butter, 15 ml of our Body Spray in a Lovely Atomizer, a 7 oz Bath Bomb for that stolen quiet moment, and a 2 oz jar of our Dead Sea Mud facial clay. Quite simply the perfect gift for a friend, loved-one or even, yourself.

Big Bomb Box

This box contains an assortment of 10 of SheaWoman's Big Bombs. Simply put, SheaWoman Bath Bombs are the Best Bath Bombs in the World! Yep, we said it! And Yep, we mean it! Ask Anybody!!! As all Bath Bomb lovers know, Bath Bombs all start with the same basic ingredients. Baking Soda, Citric Acid, some filler, some oil. some color, and some fragrance. Generally, bath bomb sold as 'large' typically weigh 4.5 - 5.5 ounces. SheaWoman defies this norm entirely! Our Bath Bombs are loaded with Salts and Minerals, Rare Earth Clays, Herbs, Organic Oils, Butters and Botanicals, Bath Milks, and scented with pure essential oils. Our bath bombs start at 7.5+ ounces and are often 8 ounces. Once you've tried our bath bombs, you won't believe your silky smooth skin, relaxed spirit and wonderful scent. You'll never buy one of those other guy's plain-Jane over-priced "fizzies" again.

Big Crate O' Clays

This Best-Seller Crate O' Clays will make sure everybody in the house has a great shower or bath the whole month long, and has a few extra goodies just for you.. You'll receive 4 SheaWoman's Supreme Clay Bars. 1 4oz Body Butter, and 1 80ml of SheaWoman's Exquisite Body Spray